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Horizon Bound
14 March 2020 @ 08:10 pm

If you're reading this, you've stumbled upon the creative journal of kyrahlynn . Here is where I post artwork and writings that I don't want to upload publicly elsewhere.

I treat this journal very much like I treat my sketchbook- I don't leave it laying around for just anyone to paw through (though my buddies from Art IV might think differently*) but will happily show it to anyone who asks (nicely, of course. Because if you're obnoxious, there's always the chance you'll be parodied >:D) Therefore, this particular creative journal is friends-only. But don't let that deter you! I'm happy to add just about anyone, with the exception of trolls. They tend to track mud all over.

Also, I'm attempting to improve my how-to-utilize-LJ's-features knowledge, and therefore will try to use art and writing filters. So! Just comment here to let me know whether you'd like to be put on one filter, the other, or both. I'll try to make it work :) (Also, if you don't specify a filter, by default I simply put you on the art one. But if you'd like to be on the writing one as well, just give a holler!)
*just kidding. I love you guys.

[insert future directory here]

above photograph is indeed (C) me. Lucky shot :)
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