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Hoppin' a train 'cuz it's a long long way

...but I'm horizon bound!

Horizon Bound
28 July
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Young lady of questionable sanity; at least in societal terms. When not grounded in reality, she can be seen traversing snowy fields, sprawling landscapes, ancient strongholds, and luminescent cities. Sometimes in the company of peculiar characters. Often has her head in the clouds; more often than not she’d rather be there than here.

Likes hot chocolate, a good story, autumn leaves, trains, and city lights.

Dislikes disloyalty, two-faced people, grapefruit.

Wants to take over the world.


This is the online creative journal of kyrahlynn. Here there be arts. And writings. And who knows what else. There will be walking, talking animals, time travel, ill-researched science fiction, fantasy in disarray, and characters of dubious sanity (much like their author.) So, if that doesn't throw you for a loop (or even if it does) feel free to comment here to be added to the friends list.

The contents of this journal are (C) Carolyn Paplham (kyrahlynn) unless otherwise noted. All characters belong to their respective owners.